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March 30th, 2008, Program

1 Step Out in the Sunshine (Armond, Vaughan)Christine, Luis and Lise
2 Introduction
3 A Simple Song (Schwartz, Bernstein)Lise
4 Simplicity Medley (Shaker Traditional)Christine with Hurdy Gurdy
5 The Call (Vaughan Williams)Luis
6 God is My Shepard (Dvorak)Luis
7 23rd Psalm (McFerrin)Christine
8 Over the Rainbow (Harburg, Arlen)Lise
9 Ave Maria (Schubert)Luis
10 Pie Jesu (Fauré)Lise
11 Trouble of the World (African American Traditional)Christine
12 Introduction
13 And on this Day (English)Luis
14 Til There was You (Wilson)Lise
15 If You Love Me (Reynolds)Christine
16 Old Love (Hagberg, Peak)Christine, Luis and Lise
17 One Hand One Heart (Sondheim, Bernstein)Luis and Lise
18 Irish Blessing (Conroy)Luis
19 A Grateful Heart/ A Gaelic Blessing (Plumstead, Rutter)Lise
20 Irish Blessing (Nuss)Christine
21 Spirit of God (Perry)Christine, Luis and Lise
22 Postlude